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Maria Sharapova takes it rough in her ass

Wednesday, July 20th, 2016

It’s not like she needed it but for Maria Sharapova, one of her secrets to stay healthy and slim for her tourneys is to stretch those muscles during her sex education classes with this naughty professor. She has lost count of the times she had sex and lost count of the men she’s had sex too, so it just goes to show that she is an experienced bitch you will have a lot of fun banging whether on the bed or in this case, a table.

Naughty Maria Sharapova having sex with her mentor

All these trips to her mentor never fail to teach her new things that pleases her and she ain’t gonna let anal sex pass without trying it either. In this hot leaked sex tape, which someone finally cut loose on the web, Sharapova is all for the new experience and taking that big stiff shaft in her tight bunghole like a skanky pro. She also gives the hottest blowjob, licking and sucking on those balls and hard cock just the way we all wanted to be sucked. Now you need not wonder where she gets all the stamina whenever she’s out on the tennis court and dealing with all those balls!

Hardcore pictures at its finest with Maria Sharapova

Monday, July 28th, 2008

Now who would have thought that Maria Sharapova is only good with the tennis racket? I guess this tennis princess can surely launch a number of aces when she’s inside her bedroom getting sleazy and naughty with her fuck buddies for some hardcore play. We are stunned as hell to see some of these explicit hardcore pictures that has been leaked to us and the guys couldn’t help but get a nasty woody in between their legs! Aside from being pretty and all, Maria can be one horny and kinky slut hungry for some raunchy good time to have her aching love holes some stuffing and plugging to do, and the evidence is overwhelming!

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